RougeArt - Karine Parker


RougeArt, a movement founded by Karine Parker-Lemoyne in 2008, brings selected artists (French & American) to the forefront of authentic encounters with the public in original and stylish Art exhibits.

Drawn into the world of RougeArt you are introduced to the artists and have time to share with them during the Art tour.

A special session of questions and answers give insights into the artists’ techniques and inspirations for their works. During this engagement, writers and performing artists (musicians, actors) accompany the artists on their exciting journey and respond to the works exhibited. In doing so, they lead the public to enter by ways of literature and music in the universe of the artists and their works.

RougeArt is about the passion, the energy and the soul that we put into our creations. Our artwork, be it through our paintbrush, our clay, our stones, our words or the photographic images we compose, is a flavor of the world we feel, live in, dream in, touch, see and enjoy.

RougeArt is here to create a permanent dialogue between Arts and

Life, and a platform for artists to expand their exposure.

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