"Let us be the PEACE and the hope we wish to see in the world" 

From A Space To A Place

“From a Space to a Place” is a collaborative mentoring platform for middle and high school students, in which the efforts to reinvent public spaces, and to improve the quality of life in a community, are led by the youth. This program applies a multi-disciplinary approach (visual & performing arts, STEM, project management, team building, mind-mapping, media literacy, mindfulness, ecology & critical thinking) to

  • give students exposure to many different disciplines and help them to develop and hone their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Through this creative journey, the students are invited to explore their inner selves as well as their environment, allowing them to understand their community and its inhabitants on a deeper level. They can then identify the needs of their community, and use the skills that they acquire to design and implement their own unique vision to address those needs.

  • Overcome social barriers and strengthen community bonds by encouraging youth interaction with different cultures and generations
  • Empower the youth by giving them a platform from which their ideas can be expressed and provide them a sense of ownership in implementing a tangible change in the form of an urban outreach installation using arts.
  • Motivate and invest in the city’s future leaders, decision-makers, business owners, educators, and residents by involving them in the process of re-shaping their communities

Please visit our www.FromaSpacetoaPlace.org website to discover how we impact the lives of many.

Be the Peace – Be the Hope:

“Be the Peace Be the Hope” is a results-driven positive identity and leadership development arts integrated program that engages large number of children in at-risk environments (at-risk local schools, community centers, refugee camps, orphanages) and aids in healing trauma, regaining hope, exploring strengths, and building a better future. We address emotional and social factors contributing to disengagement, delinquency, and academic failure. We also provide a platform that connect the youth with local and global communities (including refugee camps) so that they can be part of the positive change they wish to see in the world. We train the local teachers and follow up periodically to make sure the sustainability is ensured.  The assessment results show a positive change in lives of hundreds of children in a very short time.

Please visit our www.BePeaceBeHope.org website to discover how we impact the lives of many children and their caregivers.


On the canvas, I strive to cross boundaries with colors and movement to beckon the vitality of life.
In my educational projects, I work with art as a healing tool, a tool of communication between communities and individuals.  I love to develop, share and explore, and today, my ultimate goal is to reach children, and exposing them, and those who have not been exposed to art, to this universal tool that we have to grow our creativity, expand our universe, create better places, and build a better future.
That is why I am so involved in developing meaningful and successful programs that bring the best out of kids, and also bring great educators, artists, and volunteers together to build a better canvas for our lives, everywhere we can reach.

RougeArt - Karine Parker