RougeArt - Karine Parker

Karine Parker-Lemoyne
Artist Statement

«Crossing boundaries with color and movement to beckon the vitality and sensuality of life »

Karine’s subconscious realm opens to a timeless universe of life past and present that shapes what is to come.

She sets this powerful universe free, through her will, expressing these past and present forces on canvases. They are the product of the collective memory, yearning to communicate with the beholder, who will in turn immerse herself/himself in the canvas, drawn in by the emanating vitality.

Karine is a colorist. With the movement, she gives life to her colors and builds a strong base structure to support further layering colors. That’s how she sets the stage for the dialogue of colors in her paintings. Dozens of layers of colors answering to colors are worked in step by step, colors that will live together to create the painting’s unity. In the midst of this burst of colors, she will hide shades and shadows. They are the fears we sometimes fail to express. They also suggest the expression of a one way bottomless abyss, without a way back to the light. And so, other universes begin to unfold.  The canvas transforms itself and opens up to the eternal.

She conceives through her paintings, a space where we can exceed our limits and project ourselves in imagined universes.
“With the original urge to paint a specific theme, I free the colors and the brush strokes to compose the universe of my vision. I emerge from this first rush, first delivery. I then build the painting on this foundation that was given to me as a gift. The images and color combinations which emerge before and during the painting experience are the representations of my inner worlds, of their colorful essence; they transform my heritage into new unmapped realms when I listen to their movement and their music. My paintings cross boundaries and beckon the vitality of Life. They carry the strength and the freedom that bring me peace.”

In her abstract realm, sometimes silhouettes appear. They turn their backs to us, sometimes revealing a profile; we can only imagine their gaze staring far into the painting as well and gently suggesting that we are together with them, attracted by these invincible horizons.They appear to also be immersed in their own imaginary realm. They are reflections of ourselves, contemplating the same universe. They are often feminine silhouettes.They reveal the sensuality and the femininity of the artist who offers these shapes gently. They also express the great and powerful mystery of the woman.

« One painting process I use is to add layers and layers, and then take them away one by one, to end up uncovering the essential; removing the masks, working towards purity".

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