«Crossing boundaries with color and movement

to beckon the vitality of life »​

RougeArt - Karine Parker


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Welcome to my portfolio site. I'm always updating things here with fresh, new images from my latest work. Stop by often.



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2020 update COVID-19 RESPONSE
You are in my thoughts as we navigate troubling, uncertain times in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Although we cannot be together physically, we are united in our strength and courage, and in our determination to overcome. 
I have created this safe place- a place of hope- where we can share life-giving resources that will offer peace and comfort, like a warm nourishing soup.

It is our hope that these resources will help shift our focus from feeling stressed and overwhelmed, to being empowered to cope courageously in challenging times. And to look beyond ourselves, to open our hearts to others in need.